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Leadership coaching

Leadership coaching

Inspiring change one step at a time

Wertes Leadership Coaching was born from the suggestion of our clients and candidates that informally seek support in management effective decision-making and in ways of enhancing their leadership style. In the present, leadership coaching is a core service as strongly represents Wertes’ purpose to bring awareness, consciousness and generate happiness in individuals and organizations, contributing this way to make a better world.

Wertes approach to Leadership Coaching comes out of a strong curiosity and respect. It is founded on the precept of the fact that Each leader is unique; and each leadership team is determined by the uniqueness of its people. And the manner in which the individuals interact together will determine a great deal of its effectiveness. As such, we don’t believe in pre-set or packaged solutions but in partnering with our clients to co-design tailored made leadership development actions or programs. The designed actions will always be in service of first creating the conditions for a change that will set the ground for a sustainable creative transformation journey, allowing to unlock individual potential and enhance their leadership effectiveness. Wertes believes in building an ad hoc project team, selected and on board for each assignment. Responding to the briefing from our clients and using the extensive expertise in executive search to engage a strong team of independent partners, is the best way we know of guaranteeing we will serve our clients with the best-qualified professionals in team and individual coaching and facilitation to ensure they bring the best in class skills and expertise required.



Wertes is a boutique consultancy whose vocation is to support our clients to build strong teams.

We help organizations to engage the most talented professionals through our executive search services, as well as support leaders and organizations to enlighten and transform their leadership style to offer their full potential through coaching.


Act in service of making individuals shine offering their best possible version.


Experience contributes to improve, but each new assignment starts with curiosity and with the energy of a new challenge.



Walk the talk with honesty and transparency for our clients and all stakeholders that participate in wertes service.


Bringing the best energy, excitement and will to encourage others in all wertes does.


With all the agreements and responsibilities with our clients and all stakeholders we collaborate.

Continuous learning

Every assignment, professional experience or meeting becomes a learning opportunity, a way to improve practices and a journey to excellence.



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